Medium Undead Undead 2


Lv 40 Hp 5,418
Base Exp 1,088 Hit 252
Job Exp 622 Flee 238
Def 78 MDef 5


Ghoul Card Ghoul Card
Green Herb Green Herb
Horrendous Mouth Horrendous Mouth
Memento Memento
Rough Oridecon Rough Oridecon
Sharpened Legbone of Ghoul Sharpened Legbone of Ghoul
Skull Ring Skull Ring
White Herb White Herb

Found in

Map Spawn
Glast Heim St. Abbey (gl_church) 50
Glast Heim Churchyard (gl_chyard) 50
Nameless Island (nameless_n) 40
Ancient Shrine Maze (ayo_dun01) 30
Geffenia (gef_dun02) 20
Inside Pyramid (moc_pryd04) 20
Cursed Monastery (abbey01) 3


Poison Poison