Clock Tower Manager

ใหญ่ ไร้รูปร่าง ไร้ธาตุ 4

Clock Tower Manager

Lv 63 Hp 18,600
Base Exp 4,378 Hit 291
Job Exp 2,850 Flee 313
Def 96 MDef 60


Brigan Brigan
Clock Hand Clock Hand
Clock Tower Key Clock Tower Key
Clock Tower Manager Card Clock Tower Manager Card
Hinalle Leaflet Hinalle Leaflet
Key of the Underground Key of the Underground
Memory Book Memory Book
Steel Steel

Found in

แผนที่ จำนวน
Clock Tower 3f (c_tower3) 3
Clock Tower 4f (c_tower4) 3
Clock Tower 2f (c_tower2) 1


Dispell Dispell
Fire Pillar Fire Pillar
Silence Attack Silence Attack
Sleep Attack Sleep Attack
Teleport Teleport