Cat O' Nine Tails

Medium Demon Fire 3

Cat O' Nine Tails

Lv 76 Hp 64,512
Base Exp 10,869 Hit 351
Job Exp 4,283 Flee 325
Def 100 MDef 50


Cat O' Nine Tails Card Cat O' Nine Tails Card
Elunium Elunium
Gold Gold
Old Purple Box Old Purple Box
Oridecon Oridecon
Punisher Punisher
Puppy Love Puppy Love
Silver Knife of Chastity Silver Knife of Chastity

Found in

Map Spawn
Guild Dungeon (gld_dun01) 3 (20 Minute(s))
Payon Cave (pay_dun04) 1 (60-180 Minute(s))


Guided Attack Guided Attack
Mammonite Mammonite
Summon Slave Summon Slave
Teleport Teleport