Small Insect Wind 3


Lv 79 Hp 4,500
Base Exp 1,075 Hit 339
Job Exp 1,750 Flee 346
Def 7 MDef 10


Anopheles Card Anopheles Card
Authoritative Badge Authoritative Badge
Bacillus Bacillus
Butterfly Wing Butterfly Wing
Fly Wing Fly Wing
Hunter Bow [1] Hunter Bow [1]
Moth Dust Moth Dust
Wing of Dragonfly Wing of Dragonfly

Found in

Map Spawn
Einbroch Field (ein_fild03) 70
The Abyss Lake (hu_fild05) 53
Hugel Field (hu_fild02) 30
Hugel Field (hu_fild04) 30
Einbroch Field (ein_fild04) 30
Lighthalzen Field (Grim Reaper's Valley) (lhz_fild02) 20
Portus Luna (ra_fild06) 20
Einbroch Field (ein_fild05) 10
Somatology Laboratory (lhz_dun01) 10
Lighthalzen Field (lhz_fild03) 10


Blood Drain Blood Drain
Consecutive Attack Consecutive Attack
Wind Attack Wind Attack