Dimik (Red)

กลาง ไร้รูปร่าง ไฟ 2

Dimik (Red)

Lv 82 Hp 13,900
Base Exp 5,800 Hit 361
Job Exp 4,500 Flee 370
Def 98 MDef 28


Armor Charm Armor Charm
Dimik Card Dimik Card
Fragment Fragment
Oil Bottle Oil Bottle
Oridecon Oridecon
Steel Steel
Transparent Plate Transparent Plate
Used Iron Plate Used Iron Plate

Found in

แผนที่ จำนวน
Center of Juperos (jupe_core) 40
Ruins of Juperos (juperos_01) 5


Consecutive Attack Consecutive Attack
Fire Attack Fire Attack
Guard Guard
Teleport Teleport