Dolor of Thanatos

Small Undead Ghost 4

Dolor of Thanatos

Lv 83 Hp 59,922
Base Exp 43,200 Hit 355
Job Exp 51,220 Flee 346
Def 71 MDef 80


2carat Diamond 2carat Diamond
3carat Diamond 3carat Diamond
Brigan Brigan
Dolor of Thanatos Card Dolor of Thanatos Card
Goibne's Helm Goibne's Helm
Old Card Album Old Card Album
Piece Of Memory Green Piece Of Memory Green

Found in

Map Spawn
Thanatos Tower - Upper Level (tha_t09) 4 (30-50 Minute(s))
Thanatos Tower - Upper Level (tha_t05) 2 (30-50 Minute(s))


Dark Thunder Dark Thunder
Decrease AGI Decrease AGI
Heal Heal
Magical Attack Magical Attack
Mental Breaker Mental Breaker
Teleport Teleport