Gloom Under Night

Large Formless Ghost 3

Gloom Under Night

Lv 89 Hp 2,298,000
Base Exp 962,175 Hit 512
Job Exp 276,445 Flee 560
Def 479 MDef 262
MVP Exp 1,080,000


Blade of Darkness Blade of Darkness
Broken Sword Handle Broken Sword Handle
Gloom Under Night Card Gloom Under Night Card
Heavenly Maiden Robe [1] Heavenly Maiden Robe [1]
Hurricane Fury [1] Hurricane Fury [1]
Old Card Album Old Card Album
Will of Red Darkness Will of Red Darkness

MVP rewards

Old Purple Box Old Purple Box
Yggdrasilberry Yggdrasilberry

Found in

Map Spawn
Holy Ground (ra_san05) 1 (300-310 Minute(s))


Bomb Bomb
Call Slave Call Slave
Fire Attack Fire Attack
Fire Ball Fire Ball
Fire Breath Fire Breath
Fire Pillar Fire Pillar
Ghost Attack Ghost Attack
Magnum Break Magnum Break
Pierce Pierce
Power Up Power Up
Sightrasher Sightrasher
Summon Slave Summon Slave
Teleport Teleport