Medium Fish Water 3


Lv 79 Hp 11,900
Base Exp 4,000 Hit 293
Job Exp 2,300 Flee 325
Def 0 MDef 76


Crystal Mirror Crystal Mirror
Heart of Mermaid Heart of Mermaid
Iara Card Iara Card
Illusion Flower Illusion Flower
Mystic Frozen Mystic Frozen
Queen's Whip Queen's Whip
Soul of Iara Soul of Iara
Witherless Rose Witherless Rose

Found in

Map Spawn
Beyond the Waterfall (bra_dun01) 90
Beyond the Waterfall (bra_dun02) 5


Water Attack Water Attack
Lex Divina Lex Divina
Water Ball Water Ball
Bash Bash
Stop Stop
Frost Diver Frost Diver